Monday, April 18, 2011

I want to...but I don't know why I just can't.
Probably I am trying too hard.
Well, maybe it had made me stoned cold.
I've walked, ran and sat.
Watched all of it.
Sadly, to no "a please" to all for me.
I felt it.
Am still feeling it now.
I wonder why.
Met new people.
Good, very good,too good and also not so good.
Hmmm...could it be helping in any way?
I hope.

Really need time.
Well, take time to plant a seed of hope
in the hearts of those around you.

And it let me writing this:

I was alone
Sitting in the corner of my room
Thinking of how things gonna be
I wish it will always be good

You walk to me
And asked me to hold on
To hold on to our hopes and dreams
Telling me that it's cool

I held your hand
Looking at your face and smile
You showed me hope and the way
That we can make this through

Let this be a start
To carry on the beat of my heart
Make me go on
Even through the storm

I love you more every single day
It gets better in every way
You moved me in a light
Every day and every night

I adore you...


1 comment:

Anita Karasu said...

Beautifully written Anyss!