Saturday, July 12, 2008

You didn't make it better.

Like I said before.
I was inspired by some when writing or learned something that I actually saw or witnessed.

Feeling betrayed at certain point?
I dunno.
But then it was a lesson to be learned by some but not the rest.
It was clearly shown as manipulation was involved here.
I was shocked.
But it all went down as you were "used" actually.
Or shall I say we are all being used.
Why did they do this to us?
Well, one thing for sure we didnt even realise it.

A piece of white paper can really hurt someone huh?!
Or maybe can judge a person's character or motive.
It's at least better than a word.

Don't you dare discuss this with another person ok!

And here I am, as normal not showing anything that something had happened.
She reminded me too as not to mention it to them.
How thoughtful can she be?
Wow! I'm impress.
Yeah you must be thinking, she and I are affiliated kinda thing.
Ahhhh...stop it!
We're doing it for the sake of all of you.
I was actually feeling bad about this whole thing.
Looking at how she was protecting them from being "utilise" like a thing!

Fear leads to anger,
Anger leads to hate,
And hate leads to the dark side!

But all you can do is thinking that I was or maybe is still trying to Ruin It By Telling Her What You Actually...
I rest my case.

I'm fighting a battle without knowing that my army actually was my enemy.
It's sad you know.
Rest in peace.