Monday, June 9, 2008

It's Been A While...

...since I wrote something and make it public.
And now Me back from the shallow and timid place from hiding...
...since my beloved 'Sall' pappi left.
And now i resurfaced!

Inspired by some.Remember when I said very inspiring?
When I read, it makes me remember how well I can do it b4.
And so, I won't fade away from now.
I thank you.
As for now, keep it together and be strong to face 'da' challenge.
You know what I mean rite? Take it e.Z...
Impossible is Nothing!

My cry out to you Joe- Thanks a million. 4 what? You know!
Crazee but it was pretty late bro when we managed. Haha...Cheers man!

It's half time thou...Germany leading 1 goal to Poland.
As I was watching...
Like I's been a while.