Monday, June 16, 2008

P.S I Love You...Stay Forever

If only you could see
How much I need you right now
If only you want me
To be with you somehow

I could stay
Let me know
Cause I shall stay
I won't go
All you have to is...
Is to say that I love you

I love you....
Oh Baby I love you
You need me
I need you
And forever we do

Stay forever
I'll leave you never
And please remember
We'll stay together

P.S I love You...

4 ya..dsy
Original words by cry4ubaby@TM2008.

Dedicated to Joseph - my bro...Tks again 4 da insipiration of writing n composing this piece.
Choose wisely what you want n need...Gd Luck! is full of it. So hang in there.You can do it!Blessings from dNa.