Sunday, June 15, 2008

If You Really Wanna Know....

If you really wanna know,
we can feel pain if we fall and hurt ourselves,
we will be angry if someone or something makes you angry,
we will be scared if our life is at a gun point,
we will be nervous if receiving our exam results,

we will be sad if we think of sad things,
we will be happy if we think of good times,

we can cry if we feel sad,
we will laugh it out loud when we're really happy,

we can keep it inside if we don't want to tell,
we can don't tell if you want it to be a secret,

we can run but we can't hide,
we can surrender if we want to give up,

but for how long?Hmmm...

Bear this in mind,
It will not be there forever.
Take this time and think properly.
What do we really want or need.
It's not the same.
Want and need.

Good Luck!