Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Go Along With It...

Yeah...yeah...yeah..it's been a month or so that I updated.
So what!
No time and been busy as usual with personal stuff and all.

Premier league is already telecast past few weeks.
In total Game Day 5.
Liverpool lying on fifth.
With Chelsea and Man U up there above the mighty REDS!.
Jeez. Great start SG n friends!
Cherishing these moments right now with the team antique performance.
Rafa Benitez and his "perfect" so called showdown talks.
No hesitation about their spirit but...hmmmm...
who knows what's gonna happen.

Adebayor was being a "PRICK" with his reaction against his former club.
Just watch again how he deliberately stumped his foot on Van Persie's face while
RVP was on the ground.He actually won an award as the "BAD ASS MUTHAxxxxxx"on the field.

To be cont...