Monday, November 15, 2010

Just like McD! I'm loving it.

Creator of all mankind,
I salute to you with special greetings.

A night to remember definitely.
Meeting the old n new once again.
Putting anger, pride n boldness aside.
Just for you.
Just dunno how I managed to bring myself up.
Well, somewhere along the line, I have to thank you P.

Sinking hearts.
I love the moment.
Sorry to some who I didnt manage to say hello.
Or probably goodbye.
At least we had fun.
Food, photos and fun!
Chillax! Let's do this again people.
Wanna go trip with them. Loving it!
Veronnie, JiaYi, Gabriel, Sha Lin, Coco, Yi Won, Zi Jun, Andy, Samantha, Jonathan
I thank you.
Fun and laughter.