Sunday, August 24, 2008

Responsible actions

We are all grown ups.
We don't need to be told what is good or what is bad rite?
I guess being immature was not part of everyone's plan.
Everybody have their own childishness in them.
Trying to be cute at times.
Craving for attentions kinda thing.
Do lots of non important things.
We will also look for other new things to venture on.
"Experimenting" new stuff.

There's nothing to say I guess anymore.
Nothing interesting to talk about.
Feeling monotonous so soon.
Wow...that was quick.

You just don't know what it means.
Love and infactuation are two different things.
Did I spell that correctly?
Haha...nvr mind lah.
Well set your priorities straight.
Make up your mind.
Be honest.

At least have the cheek to own up.
That is why you must be responsible for your own actions.
Have a sense of urgency or responsibility.
I have only two words here to describe above all matters.
___________ ____________

You figure it out.

Taken from - A journal of life. by xxxxxx xxxx
I hope you don't mind.