Wednesday, February 11, 2009


With medieval thoughts of people, still trapped in their era?
I really dunno what are they thinking.
Manipulating minds.
When you are too long and comfortable at one place,
Jeez! How do these people live their lives?!
To some who are GREEDY, being spoken out loud to, no use.
Still, even doing it although...
You just can't do it right.
Doing things behind peolple's back is 1 thing.
And doing it in front, is another.
You try to hide it.
But it was shown to everybody!
Well, I manage to step in time and saw you doing it.
Where and when?
Squatting down so that no one sees you?
Oh ghosh!!!
Disgusting ok.
If you really want it so much, you can have it.
But I know, on the other hand, you can't ask me to go although you have someone else in mind.
It's just that, the SOMEONE else wasn't good enough or have that CHARM to bring in the crowd.
Let us see, how long this will go!
I will definitely make it work on my side!
Scheming AYE?!