Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chinese New Year

CNY 2009...

What we ate - Donuts!

Where we went - Pavillion

What we've done - Lazing around. ( Mama's place)

What we're having - (Reunion dinner) Steamboat!

...the happenings.

U don't even feel it at all.
Ahem.. only the part when u received Hong Baos... hahaha..for me too!
Can't believe it.
But it's true.

Mrs don't like pics to be added, so no pics.
Hey, I would like to ok.
But she don't like it.
Hmmm... btw, CNY wasn't so great for Uncle L.
He's arm injured with a "CEMENT".
He needs an operation thou.
All the best to him.


Don't be afraid,
if you've got something to say.
We'll find the way
And we'll make it through...

I am going through my life,
Like every day is the LAST
Without a simple goodbye
It all went by so fast.

When I look back in vain,
And see for the last time,
All that remains,
Is just an empty chair.

But now that it's gone
Goodbye now and forever,
I can't cry hard enough...anymore.

Marcus - Good times with CKS.(u dun need luck bro. Cos u got it!)
Joseph - Good Luck with SHATEC.
Andy - Good Luck with CHC.
Huiyun - Good Luck with NIE.
Xinyi - Good Luck with SPM.
Selviah, CheeLing, Elaine - Good Luck with PMR.
Noelle, Win Nie - Good Luck with new SCHOOL.
YaeBer - Good Luck being KT. ( Ketua Tingkatan)
Rochelle - Good Luck with TLC.