Sunday, June 29, 2008

Today I give you this,
And hope nothing in return.
Just want you to know,
That I was inspired and wrote all these.
My words are from inside and helped by some.
Thanks all for helping.
The Epitome of my expressions will not end here.
It will continue till my desire and will, will be gone.

For you to read and not copy!

Oh btw, Z.E the writing is good!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Do I...Secretly

I've been trying hard
To put this piece together
Writing just for you
And making it better
Can't show you my heart to explain
Well, it's driving me insane

I can't resist the way I feel
It's only true and for sure its real
I was confused don't know what to choose
For either way I'm gonna loose

Wondering when this gonna end
Can't take it anymore, can't pretend

Do I have to take pain
To Cry again and again
Do I love you secretly
And loving you so deeply

I keep on falling back again
With the same feelings of pain
How long this will last
I want so much it to past

Did you plan something for me?
To let me go or set me free
Free form hurt, free from pain
And never be like this again

Tell me if true love can be this way
It's just leave us with nothing to say
I will want nothing else to see me through
If I can spend my lifetime loving you...

Original words by cry4ubaby@TM2008

Dedicated to Zi En - For it's worth. I give you this. And Thanks for introducing "Cassiopeia". It's like real thing that is happening. It made me think about 'The Day'.

Shin Wei - Thank you for letting me. Original from you and to you. Promise!

Monday, June 16, 2008

P.S I Love You...Stay Forever

If only you could see
How much I need you right now
If only you want me
To be with you somehow

I could stay
Let me know
Cause I shall stay
I won't go
All you have to is...
Is to say that I love you

I love you....
Oh Baby I love you
You need me
I need you
And forever we do

Stay forever
I'll leave you never
And please remember
We'll stay together

P.S I love You...

4 ya..dsy
Original words by cry4ubaby@TM2008.

Dedicated to Joseph - my bro...Tks again 4 da insipiration of writing n composing this piece.
Choose wisely what you want n need...Gd Luck! is full of it. So hang in there.You can do it!Blessings from dNa.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

If You Really Wanna Know....

If you really wanna know,
we can feel pain if we fall and hurt ourselves,
we will be angry if someone or something makes you angry,
we will be scared if our life is at a gun point,
we will be nervous if receiving our exam results,

we will be sad if we think of sad things,
we will be happy if we think of good times,

we can cry if we feel sad,
we will laugh it out loud when we're really happy,

we can keep it inside if we don't want to tell,
we can don't tell if you want it to be a secret,

we can run but we can't hide,
we can surrender if we want to give up,

but for how long?Hmmm...

Bear this in mind,
It will not be there forever.
Take this time and think properly.
What do we really want or need.
It's not the same.
Want and need.

Good Luck!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

As I was Saying...

...and I know how is it like to feel when you're not 1 of them.
There's no reason why we must feel so low and down about
the things that actually don't belongs to us.
It's beyond our reach sometimes...and somethings too.

After we actually found out,
we are stunned by the fact of all "these".

Hang in there.
It will come around.
As I was saying that it definitely come around anytime.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shining Star...

Here's something I wrote...The Epitome Of My Expression...

It's late at night
Stars so bright
Whistling sound of wind
I can hear through the rain

Staring at stars
Twinkle up high
It seems so far
Wonder that's where you are

Oh Wishing star
If you're near
And that you were here
Sharing the good times together

Shine down on me
Shine down to me
Tell me that you'll be there
for me

I need you
To always be there for me
I need you
Cos I miss you

Original words by cry4ubaby@TM2008.'s late but I've managed.
Don't close your eyes
This shout goes 2 ya all- Ace it this Saturday! Perfectly alright! Remember the tagline? Be cool dun b like a fool!

Monday, June 9, 2008

It's Been A While...

...since I wrote something and make it public.
And now Me back from the shallow and timid place from hiding...
...since my beloved 'Sall' pappi left.
And now i resurfaced!

Inspired by some.Remember when I said very inspiring?
When I read, it makes me remember how well I can do it b4.
And so, I won't fade away from now.
I thank you.
As for now, keep it together and be strong to face 'da' challenge.
You know what I mean rite? Take it e.Z...
Impossible is Nothing!

My cry out to you Joe- Thanks a million. 4 what? You know!
Crazee but it was pretty late bro when we managed. Haha...Cheers man!

It's half time thou...Germany leading 1 goal to Poland.
As I was watching...
Like I's been a while.