Tuesday, November 18, 2008

THE TRAGIC EPISODE OF MY LIFE...Appreciation. Conclusion.

It's the conclusion part of the episodes.

Here, in conjunction of students graduating and bidding farewell, I am taking the opportunity to wish all, good luck and best wishes in their future undertakings.
Hopefully, things that they have learned with me can be a little help and guidance throughout the journey of their life. I bid you all farewell Class of 2008! My thoughts are with you. Always.

The negative thoughts in my head; (not in random order)
1) My childhood nightmare is coming true- Leukemia
2) My days are numbered- Death
3) Won't be able to see my students graduate- Depression
4) Can't eat things that I use to like- Depression
5) My wife= Dawn- Depression
6) My family = dad, mum, sis, bro, mama Sharon, bro Kevin, sister Mei Yee, bro Marcus, bro Bryan, Ah Po and others not mention- Depression
7) The trip- Depression
8) Liverpool- Depression
9) Soccer- Depression
10) Depression = Death
Basically all of those lead to depression.
I was in total distress. Deeply in depression.

Aprreciation ...
With every night I go to sleep,
with every sunrise I wake,
with every drink that I sip,
with food that I take,
I think with careful thoughts how precious all these can be to me

With every step that I take,
with every move that I make,
(like the song) with every breath that I take,
and with every beat of my heart,
I will want it to be as easy as possible.

No more unnecessary things to think about.
Don't bother about others too much.
Learn to love myself better.
Take things one at a time.
To see each brand new day is a bonus.(As quoted and told by Z.E's mum)
My personal thanks to her...feels like I've known you forever.
Learn how to appreciate life more rather than sulking at or with it!
Get over it and move on.
Think forward or shall I put it as positive thinking.
It's not the end of the world.
Health, no compromising.
Live and let live.

And now I dedicate myself to you...D.S.Y
YOU WERE THERE - Southern Sons
I guess you've heard
I guess you know
In time I'd told you
But I guess I'm too slow

It's overly romantic
But I know that it's real
I hope you don't mind if I said what I feel
It's like I'm in somebody else's dream
This could not be happening to me

But you were there
You were everything I've never seen
You woke me up from this long and endless sleep
I was alone
And I open my eyes
you were there....

You are the love of a life time.

And now, life goes on.

Thank you all for the support, well wishes, advices, and most of all the tender loving care.
How I need it most and I've overcome it. So far...

p.s I love you...dsy.