Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh Please Sir. Stop It Will You!

Ok people,
this is how it works if it has slipped out of ya mind.
Actually, I dun really have to bother neither care of what's going on.
But you guys made me do this!

On second thought, I let it be.
I think its a waste.
I will inform her too not to say anything.
It's all in vain cos it won't change a single thing.
So, why we bother so much.
Good luck then to all of you.

Sad but true.
I will ignore.
Pretend as if it was just a passing cloud.
Don't get my emotions into this.
Or else it will be another set back!

Now I can see and learn more.
By helping, sometimes people don't appreciate actually.
They thought that we Ruin their lives or something.
It's just my nature.
Helping people duh!
Or maybe they're saying me " BUSYBODY".
Si I will stop.
Just like the other day when a boy fell and hurt himself.
But people said that we were there and didnt do nothing!
Tell them to getta XXXX off!
They dun even know anything bout first aid!
I am trained and certified paramedic just fyi you jerks!!!

Well, if you can't see the good in me, then it means I have failed in your eyes only.
As a person.
As a friend.
As a _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

These few days, really really been stressful.
It won't go away.
Ulcers piercing.
Those of you who knows, will feel it.
Sleepless nights.

Maybe I have lost the edge.
Holding on too tight.
Gotta let go.
Will stop making things better.

I am not good at pretending things but I will try.
For the sake of my own and others so called "PRIDE".
Will talk less.
No more jokes.
I am not the best like you've said.
Don't want to be the best anymore even if I am once before.

I just want you to remember this.
Whether it's the best of times or the worst of times, it's the only time we've got.
Don't know how else.