Friday, December 26, 2008


I was sitting alone beneath the clear blue sky
Thinking about you and wondering why
All the sadness that making me cry
Could this be the end of all the lies

Please let it go and leave me alone
Trying to break free from your heart of stone
Too hard from the love that have grown
Too late for now love has flown.

Dedicated to Wings of Love.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


While crossing the road, we saw...

We even bought Xmas log cake.

Basically spent Xmas at home.
Bought books from Popular Book Store at JP.
Played PSP.
Chatted with some students and wished Yaeber Happy Bday.
Yen bought me Liverpool handphone thingy.Hehehe...
Not expecting any gifts thou..
Bro came fro JB.
Congrats Marcus to be joining us in school next year!
Ur part of us!

Shaping Maths!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Suddenly it's Christmas again.
It was just like yesterday when ChristmasING in Korea.
It was cold breezy evenings in Seoul during this period of time.
We were busy eating ICE CREAM!
Can you imagine that???

Wishing all of you Happy Noel!
Compliments to the season!
Cheers n have a lovely Xmas.

Lotsa Luv to Darling,Po,Mum, Uncle Lawrence,Momma, Gi, Bryan, Marcus, Joseph , Aunt Lily, Uncle Ching, Andy, Roger , Ralph, Edward, Nicole, Aunty Nancy n Irene.
Chen Thai- Good luck in Australia n tks for checking on my health!
Sel/Lingee/Laine- Sorry bout the PROM thingy...Promise 2009!
WenYi- Ipod touch SGD388 8GB. Gathering will be soon!
Shin Wei- Many more good inspirations from you to come!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Xmas Deco Shop

Christmas has always been great here in Singapore.
Last year was in Korea.
Went Vivo City today.
Marcus wanted to buy a jacket there at Adidas but to no avail.
Have to get it at Cineleisure.
Gi bought a bag there.
Yen bought a pencil case at Sanrio.

Came across a shop with beautiful deco.
The pic is above as u can see.
The spirit of Xmas here is so great that I'm speechless.

Jingle all da way!
Merry Xmas n Happy New Year to all!
Chean Yen, u reading my post yet?heee...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Saying Goodbye...

Saying goodbye was never an easy thing
Cos we never say it's gonna last forever
As you must go, gotta let you free
I know for sure, we'll be together again someday

I will try to stop you from leaving,
...but in my heart I already know

It's gonna lead us back
Someday, we just know that
It's gonna lead us back to our lives
Where we actually belong

Some things are meant to be
how we don't want it to be
But some things, will always be how we want it to be.

Missing you always...

Bros Inc.

Watched movie with Marcus, Joseph, Ah Po n Dawn.


Back View

New Movie! Coming Soon!

Watched Twilight.
Quite overrated movie for me.
Probably expecting too much.
Heard too much about it too.
Anyway, the casts were excellent.
Rating ***/*****

Plaza Singapura

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pictures tell thousands of words....Post dated pics.

6 Jasmine/2008

Wei Mun, Kar Ling n Chou Fang

Kar Ling, Li Sin n Catherine

Hung Sern

Noelle n Pei Yi

Peh Win Nie

Ze Yu, Wooi Khong n Willie

Dawn n Ng Alvin

Chean Yen

Sheng Yee

Wei Jing

Gabriel Tang

Ka Hern

Xuan Ly

And all came to an end not long after...

For some might think if their pics were not there cos they were not taken...duh!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Back Home

Orchard Road Xmas Spree n Deco..

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Sheng Hui n Sha Lin

B bus in da House!

Me, Sara Ong, Sarah Liew, Sue Lian and Tze Von

Ze yu

Shi Shan n Soo HuiMin

At the "Lang".

The Bird Park

After all these years you've taught me, now is time!

Ng Huimin n Nicole Tan

The B Boys Group

In Penang, Gurney Plaza

Jiayi N Ms Dawn

Veronnie n Eugenia

When = 24thNOV2008-27thNOV2008
Where = Penang and Langkawi

So here is the post about the school trip.

We, Dawn, Mei Yee and myself set out early that particular morning.
Had breakfast at Old Town Cheras first.
Uncle, Mum, Joseph and Andy were there as well.
They followed us for the trip.
Momma sent us to school.

When we arrive school, students were everywhere.
Waiting and adjusting themselves to feel comfortable for the trip.
3 buses in total.
Separated by classes.
6J in a bus.
6T in another bus.
And 6C,D and H in another bus.
As for me and Dawn, we were in bus B, helping Lee Fong with 6T.
6 Jasmine must be disappointed thou.
But still, we're going on the same trip.
So there's no problem.
We will still be having fun!

Penang was a short one.
But I was in charge of group of boys.
Thiam Ming, Ze Yu, Wei Yip, Shi Shan, Chin Hui, Shi Dee, Ng Alvin, Joe Chan and Ron Gene.
We were given free time after dinner at Gurney Plaza for about an hour.
Brought them over to the arcade.
Played games with them n had really good time.
Enjoying. Really enjoying.
Later that evening we checked in tot he hotel.
Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel.
Mr Sim shared room with me.
Practically, he's my roommate throughout the trip.
Mr Sim, he's easy going person n no complaints.

After settling down n all, I was having a chat with Mr Sim when someone called him n another knocked on our room door.
Xuan Ly was at the door asking me to follow her to wait for someone.
Hmmmm... I was wondering what was she up to???
It was not only her actually.
It was the whole gang!
Didn't actually know what they're up to.
Then later Ms Dawn came as well to the room.
Eugenia, Joey, Xuan Ly, Jia Yi, Veronnie, Shau Zhi Cheng, Pik-Hwa...I think I miss out someone here...Sorry...let me know ok.
They bought us a gift each.
So touching.
Something that will make us remember them.
It was a special evening for us.
Oh yeah... one funny thing.
Eugenia kept changing outfit during our talk in the room...
She was wearing the korean outfit then later some three quarter pants n all.
Again she changed later on.
Hahahaha...we laughed.

The next day, we head to Kedah.
The land of Beras.
Then we headed to Langkawi.
Mahsuri's legend and all.
Our bus came late to pick us up at the jetty.
Whereas, the others left and having dinner by then...
It was heavy down pour.
By the time we reached at the sidewalk eating place, they were all done with their dinner.
That dinner was disgusting!

We headed to our hotel after that. Arrangement was good but room was so so only.
Some were complaining about their rooms.
That night I went to chat with my class girls.
It was one memorable night that I myself won't forget.
We shared a lifetime sadness to remind us of what life means to us.
Told them what the meaning of life when the tragedy strucked me.
That night,we shed tears of the true meaning of life.

That is where it begins...
...we became closer than ever.
Learned about each other even further n more.
I appreciate that night.
Meaningful to me.
Hopefully to them too.
Lianne, Sarah, Sara and Tze Von.

The rest on our bus, Jye Bin, Soo Huimin, Nicole, Hwee Yin, Ng Huimin, Chean Yen, evelyn Bong and all...

This trip has taught me alot thou.
I will always remember this trip forever.

To those of u reading it, you might not understand what I'm talking about.
But to those of u that I've mentioned, probably u will knpw why.
I am pretty emotional nowadays like I mentioned to someone before.
But somehow, somewhere, they will understand one day.

I love you all to bitz...
We became closer than ever...
Mr A.