Saturday, November 1, 2008


It was just another routine day of the week.
Woke up in the morning.
Do some chores.
Got ready for work as fast as I could.
My heart was saying..."need to practice with them for the dance."
Mr bro decided to use the car.
So we asked him to send us to school instead.
On the way, dropped by the bank.

Early to reach school.
So, ate lunch first then got on to "business".
Saw Sha Lin and Sheng Hui, busy carrying stuff for the family day redemption items.
I decided to give them a helping hand by checking the items.
Ms Chan came in too.
She passed me the list and asked me to check if those(pointing at the plastic bag) are the stuff toys.
"Looked like it", I told her.

The bell rang not long after that.
Time for class and made my way to 6Hibiscus.
Suddenly, bout 1.10pm, right before recess, I was perspiring to the MAX!
Feeling all uneasy.
And drenched.
Told Chou Fang to bring my stuff back to my table and went to the teacher's toilet.
I felt like easing myself and strange vomitting felling.
I cleaned up.
Stood up and here it goes.
Blood rush.
The Episode begins...
Suddenly I felt numbness with my hands.
Things were topsy-turvy when looking at them.
I managed to climb the stairs to the teacher's office but i didn't make it thou.
It was just at the front area.
Where there's sofas.
Eyes were watery and can't open it.
I slowly rest myself on the sofa.The nearest one I could grab.
Perspiration still taking place.
And all I know the next thing was...
...Sonia came and asked me if I was sounds so vague...I think.
Later, teachers were all around me...I was practically semi-conscious.
Dunno what was going on.
Can hear but too weak to move.
From here, I leave myself to fate.
I even said this to myself that if things go wrong and I can't figure it out, I love you Dawn, till death do us part, Ms Kum and family whose being there always,
mom, dad sis and bro.
Well this one might sound strange... but it's the truth.
I swear.
The other thing I said was...omg! My students! How are they gonna practice!
I've let them down.
No no no...must finish practicing.
I must make it to watch them on Children's Day.
Damn it!
Now I am immobilised!
Then this one I must tell...Mdm Tan(really dunno what to call her in english) came and make sure I didn't pass out. Keeping me awake and talking... I think so.
She was big big help!
I think if I passed out...dunno whats gonna happen. Shish!
What I gather from the facts they(teachers and colleagues) told me after that that I was carried
down to the car. It was Ms Kum's car.
Now comes the part that I will never forget my entire life.
I know I was carried by who(Mr Chan, Mr Soong, Mr Ho and Mr Choi) at that point of time but the things I saw was eerie and scary too.
Seriously I dunno if it was to be said this way or not.
Could it be blessing in disguise or it's time to go...
My heart was beating as normal at that time when I saw it.
I saw features surrounding them with glowing light just like in the shows or movies.
But I can see their faces. They could be human but all of them were white and calm.
Some said that it could guiding angels.... or it could be otherwise.
I was then sent to the hospital.

To be continued...