Saturday, October 18, 2008


Do you believe that we learn something everyday?
Well...yes we do.
Cos I do.
I was actually trying to avoid updating the blog.
Trying not to say what I was supposed to say.
But I believe I have kept it well inside but it had swell, bloated and about to explode.
So, before it explode and hurt myself,
or the people around me,
I better let it go!!!
So, what the heck!

Terrible festive I had.
I've finally found out the true colours of own flesh and blood.
Not to mention who.
But the truth hurts.
The person I think and look up upon to is the TRAITOR!
(All those words mentioned are not in order just fyi)
Let me cut it short here.
What were you thinking by doing all these things?
Are you getting anywhere to it?
If so, look where are you now?
Are they looking up upon you?
One part is totally pissed and cursed you.
The other is calm but hurt deep inside and still trying not to say it out.
They all packed their bags and left.
I know thats what you want anyway.
You've got it now.
You've succeed!

I was actually saddened by all the remarks and things you've said and trying to prove to people
what I did was wrong.
Hey...guess what?
You ...(thought of swearing but...)
can have it.
I dun care.
You guys deserved each other.
To the two small ones...pity that you have them as guides!
The thing that I've learned was even the very own flesh and blood would kill for glory!
Damn it!
So dun trust people easily.
You, who betrayed me,
I wish good luck. Our ties are dead!

For you who believed and still believe in me,
I thank you.
I wun betray you.
Till I die.

So what!