Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Promise

Close your eyes
I'll be there

When you think of me
Everytime, I swear

In your heart
You can feel
I'll be watching you
And you know it's real

Don't you worry for nothing
You will know when it's coming
Don't you ever feeling down
As things will come around

So fast, you wish it was slow
You can't believe it when it's time to go
You wanna stop the time if you're a Genie
Can't be sure if it's making you happy

Don't worry
Or don't be sad
You can do it
And there's no regrets

Be strong
Stand all
And just be cool
Cos no one will take you for a fool

Remember, what I've told you
Never give up in everything you do
With the good and the bad we've been through,
In my heart, I will always think of you..
And that's
my promise to you.

cry4ubaby@TM2008 02AUG
EnIm-Saj- This is for you.