Saturday, September 20, 2008


Everyday, filled with different moments.
As days gone by,
Time passes really fast.
I wish it stands.
Not move for a bit.
Preciously needed to spend it wisely.
Calling all to take notice that time management...
...Hell yeah! Very important!

Today was filled with moments of endless talking and explaining.
To those who really don't understand, I'll explain.
To those who just couldn't be bothered, I'll explain too.
Listen to the least.
I just want you to do better. That's all.
It's not difficult.
Spare the moment to pay attention and you'll be on your way.
I swear it's not as difficult as it looks.
Put your heart and soul where it belongs and there you go.
Success in your hand!

Its all for the taking.
It belongs to all of you.
No one else.
I am there just to fill in those blanks like a cloze.
The glass which was half- filled, and now fill it up guys.
If it's possible, right to the brim.

For past weeks, periodically, I have shown and gave you all.
And now, *drum roll*....
...all yours!
Good Luck all proteges.
Sincerely, I gave my all.
My knowledge.

These are the Moments.
To be continued...

Monday, September 1, 2008


Well I know its too good to be true
To think its forever you
Loving you was the only thing to do
But now I'm left with feeling blue

You cheer me up when I'm down
You made me smile when I frown
You held me tight when I'm around
I guess now...I'm just a clown

I can't live the way I used to
Watching you go, broke my heart in two
Girl I know how much I love you
And now you're gone
Just don't know what to do

There's another guy I know
Even thou you didn't show
If you could just tell me straight
I know it's hard for whatever it takes

How will i know I wasn't ready for this
Even thou I tried to resist
Then I realised it was all meant to be
Letting you go is to set me free

All you'd given me was shattering dreams
Hope my love for you will slowly die
So I just don't know what tomorrow will bring
But I know from you will be only lies.

cry4ubaby@TM2008 anyss.
Fyi - it's only lyrics not meant for anyone or from anyone.
Dedicated to my BROsssss!!!
You know who you are...Not 1 but many.Heheh...