Monday, March 2, 2009

I Just Can't Stand It!

Been quite busy lately.
Tired too.
Maybe the effect of preparing exam papers.
Just got it planned.

Not type yet.
Fever is back!
Not that I'm sick...
...but the Exam Fever lah!
Any other things that bothering me?
Well...not bothered.
Sudah bosan ni.

Oh something to share.
Last Saturday I was in ******.
While I was preparing my stuff, saw a figure like peeping at me through the glass panel of the door.
I felt something.
So I turned and look.
It moved and went away in a split second.
Well, no one was there as I quickly went after it.
It was quiet.
I am pretty sure that I saw something there.
I can't tell what was it but trust me.
I really saw a figure there.
Eerie but true.
The funney thang's broad day light!
Damn it!
What I heard from some people, it sometime appear even day time.
Eh seram lah!!!

Sorry readers.
Can't tell where lah.