Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Hide and I Cried Out Loud

Past 3 days was splendid.
Learning something new each day.
But this time(29th Sept/Tuesday), it was teaching them to sing .
"I Have A Dream" was the title.
It was for their concert.
Normally they have it just before their year end holidays.
They were highly spirited.
Full of enthusiam too.
I was actually impressed by their passion to sing with "great" reactions.
When I mean great was Fascinated great.
Maybe I was singing or shall I say teaching them to sing well.
They looked at me with such amazement.
Hahaha...but really, I was singing that good.
Yes! I am still good at it.
Taught them the first verse and they seem to manage it pretty well.

The next day was an excursion to the library.
As it was their first time there, excited and curious are the words to describe them.
What do you expect from them?
4 to 6 years of age.
But I can tell how actually they really enjoyed the trip very much after that.
Cos their faces said so!

That night, took a bus down straight to SGP.
Double decker whoah!!!
Journey was smooth.
Slept right thru....
..till the border!

Got changed and picked up by dad.
It was a memorable day as things to remember along the way.
He talked bout the time when things as well prepared those days during the first day of fest.
It was all ready for them.
But now it's different.
He teared with the look of lost.
I felt it.
Sis felt it too. She cried.
DS was there and felt it.
Sis cried too.

Well. I was doing well holding to my tears.
Not later that evening when he sent us back to JWA5.
He was talking bout the same thing.
Only different thoughts of how he fekt lonely and not prepare for all these.
He was mentioning bout how he wanna spend time with the people he love now and be happy only.
Not thinking about anything else cos he wanna GO in peace.
He said bout sis being a third grade citizen if he's gone.
I know my responsibility as a bro.
She is my responsibility.
He mentioned about what he did when he dunno what to do.
He went to her grave and asked for help from her.
Asking for support or showing him some sign of help.
I understand.
So does DS.

I cried out loud.
But I hide.

Love you DaD.
My responsibility is you now.