Sunday, January 25, 2009

CNY n Bday!

It's CNY eve.
Family members came down from Singapore.
It's hectic but gr8 atmosphere!
Something that all of us, the family, could get together and have fun.
Uncle Ching n family will be coming first day of CNY only in the evening.
Honestly they're the family that all waiting for.
Reunion dinner was the usual.
Nothing extravaganz...

Boring thing to write about. Cheh!
To all of you reading me blog,
GONG XI FA CAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No hong bao for u guys! hahaha....

oh oh...almost forgot.
It was Joseph's birthday on the 13th January.
He was here in KL.
We celebrated his birthday at Secret Recipe Pandan Indah.
View the pics.
Btw Jo, Happy Birthday!
May your dreams come true.
Hope everything goes on fine.
And you're have a good time.
Will wish you Happy Birthday from time to time.

Dunno why can't upload photos... maybe later.

Huiyun- Thanks. Cya soon. GXFC!