Wednesday, November 5, 2008


That particular night, I was dripped and transfused.
I was advised also that it will be a bit painful as the blood will flow through my vessel.
It was uncomfortable in the beginning but later it was ok.
I can't sleep.
I can't breathe properly.
Felt choked with the environment of ICU.
Hearing the sound of the cardiac monitor beeping.
Flatliners tone,"beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep".
It was like a hangover or something.
It wasn't as if my first time staying in the hospital.
But seriously, it was the place.

The night was long.
I wish it would pass fast and the pints of blood flow into my body flows faster too.
It was a tedious process.
To the extend, I've had it.
Felt like taking off the straps of wire that were attached to my body and ran.
Then, morning came.
Saw my wife and bro came in through the door.
Sign of a bit relief can be seen on my face I guess.

I told them that to come back during visiting hours at 11.
They were early since morning.
They shud be tired too.

When they left, my third pint of blood was transfused by then.
Waiting in agony for it to finish.
By the time they came back, it was done.
Phew... relieved.
Then came another episode...
Doctors came for checks and so on.
Scoping needed to be done.
Laxative was given.
I was practically like a flushing system after an hour.
Kept on going to the toilet and flushed.
Non-stop hits!

Afternoon came.
No food till scoping is done.
Hungry but to endure.
When the bowels are cleared, its time!
Changed into my green cottony gown and off I go...Bazoom!
Not something I'm looking forward to but gotta stay positive.
Getting things done and go home. I hope?
I was sedated not long when reaching the scoping theatre.
Sedation was hopeless findings.
So, the sedation was just another sedative waste.

When I woke up, I was ready to be transferred to the "normal ward" thingy from ICU.
That night, my wife stayed with me in the single bedded ward.
I can see from her eyes with my stoney condition that she was worried, tired, restless and trying her best to stay positive throughout the whole situation.
How I envy her strength, sacrifice that she gave and most of all...her undivided loving care.

That's the power of love.
By the way, from that day, I've learned that Health is Wealth.
Nothing worth bigger than that.

The next one will be my conclusion.