Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shop Till You Drop!

Couple weeks passed.
It's MEGA sale all over the 'place".
Bought a bag from Pavilion Adidas.
Bought a pair of futsal shoes from The Gardens Adidas too.

We are starting futsal regularly from next month onwards.
Jersey will be provided and you guys better commit yourselves to it.
Playing twice in a month.
Will post dates n time every now n then.
Please check for updates.
List of players are as follows:
1 Aaron Ong
5 Nabil
6 W.Fong
7 Andy Yong
8 DK
9 Zachary
10 Ryan Yew
11 Bryan
14 Anslem Ong
15 Chun Mun
16 Nigel Tan
18 Erwin

Please be aware that I have not appoint anyone yet as Captain of the team.
Andy and Ryan will be my assistant.
Everyone has a part to play here.
Will be submitting our team for tournaments soon.

Next Futsal schedule.
Date : 9th Aug n 23rd Aug
Venue : Sports Planet Ampang
Time : 4.00pm to 6.00pm

Be there or be square!


13 Things that use to or still scare's you.

1)Baby dolls-Funny looking creatures! Shit in ma pants!
2)Resident evil 4-The scene scary like hell!Sound too!
3)Beggars-Ok lah but sometimes they kinda creepy.
4)Ghost videos on youtube- Oh...never seen one there.
5)Walking alone outside the house during midnight-What a crazy ting to do that time!
6)Ghost movies-Hahaha...jumpy thou but fun!
7)That vampire on sesame street-Wow! Thats a laugh from that vampire. I love it!
8)DEATH!-Shit! What a thing to ask!
9)Lala people-they despise me!
10)Reading ghost books-Bothers me all the time when young that time!
11)The Dark!-Eerie lah!
12)When my dad says no-It was a long time ago...very scary.DUH! It's Dad ok!
13)Being onstage-Stage fright...only once then its natural to me.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wish You Were Here.

Dear Friend,
Today marked the day you left me for good after 25 years.
Just wanted you to know that you will always in my thoughts.
Never did I ever put you aside in prayers.
I miss the time we won n lost together.
We fought and played together.
We brought life to it's peak with the younger ones when we kick the ball.
To this very day, I dedicate my GOALS to U everytime I score.
You will always be remembered.
Missing u always my bro, friend and buddy,Izan.

I wrote this specially for you.

Sleepless nights
Holding me tight
All by myself
Wondering why

Did I loose it
Forever or never
I don't know
Oh that I'm sure

Help me please
Pick up the pieces
Wanted you near
Wish you were here

Could be sad
Never was happy
Feeling bad
At times angry

Angry to myself
To no one really
Could this be lonely
That's killing me slowly

I wonder why
Do we have to cry?
Needed you near
Wish you were here


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dinner n Gathering

Dear All,
Please be informed that I have suggested to some and decided to hold a gathering.
Dinner and gathering.
Please send details via email at
Details like Name, Class/Year, Ctc Number.
Please send email by August 15th 2009.
Hope to hear from u guys soon.