Thursday, August 14, 2008

Poetic Justice

It all begin with a simple thought.
Trying my best and giving all I've got.
Teaching with fun and not being bored,
all I can think of as I won't stop.

I teach, they learn as time goes by,
Without realizing that time really flies.
I listen to them as what they want to do,
As I made them listen to me too.

Sometimes things really got overboard,
They took advantage of things and those sorts.
Brought them back to where the ground is,
Telling, most times yelling,"can all of you....please!"

It was a point of time that I really had enough,
All those things they said was just a bluff.
Keep on repeating the same advice,
Then they left me with no other choice.

I was practically upset and disturbed emotionally.
Thinking of what I've done wrong initially.
Then I learned that it was not that easy,
Dealing with them, like no sense of responsibility.

But not all were typically that mean to me
Some even show sign of sympathy.
I appreciate those who thinks of others,
Somehow, I hope it does matters.

If only I could make things better,
Oh God, give me the strength like thunder.
Do I really need that, I wonder.
I shall give it another shot, no pressure.

My wish is to make all of them the best,
In no matter what, through time and test.
I hope they let me do it with the time we have,
The is the only time that was left.

Now I can really see the important essence of time,
It waits for no man, it leaves them behind.
On the last day, please don't make me cry,

cry4ubaby@TM2008 anyss.

Dedicated to - SIXJAY2008 - May the force be with you. Hearts.
Shana will understand. Heheh...