Friday, December 19, 2008

Saying Goodbye...

Saying goodbye was never an easy thing
Cos we never say it's gonna last forever
As you must go, gotta let you free
I know for sure, we'll be together again someday

I will try to stop you from leaving,
...but in my heart I already know

It's gonna lead us back
Someday, we just know that
It's gonna lead us back to our lives
Where we actually belong

Some things are meant to be
how we don't want it to be
But some things, will always be how we want it to be.

Missing you always...

Bros Inc.

Watched movie with Marcus, Joseph, Ah Po n Dawn.


Back View

New Movie! Coming Soon!

Watched Twilight.
Quite overrated movie for me.
Probably expecting too much.
Heard too much about it too.
Anyway, the casts were excellent.
Rating ***/*****

Plaza Singapura