Friday, August 1, 2008

Part of you stays with me even after you go.

He knelt down feeling helpless the moment he heard the news from his 'Blackberry".
Tears rolling down hard like heavy thunder storm on his cheek.
How could this happen, he wondered.
It's impossible!
To his knowledge, it was all fine the last time he saw him.
They were fooling around with each other,eating their favourite food, giggling bout the times they spent together back in the village last vacation.
Sis didn't mention exactly what had happened but somehow, somewhere, deep inside his heart, he knew what had happened.
But he can't accept it, that's all.
The news came unexpected.

A passer by can't help but noticing his sadness as he was passing by.
With no intentions to interrupt but concerned, he ask if he needed help or something.
The helpless guy nodded his head to the passer by.
Helping him up from the kneeling stance and brought him to the nearest seat.
The sadness on his face shows it all that bad news was received earlier and now he was totally upset and unable to continue his next move for the meantime.

In a spur of a moment he was lost.
Thinking it was a dream broad day light!
Sure it was not.
He sighed with big carbon dioxide vapoured his glasses.

All he can think of was death has taken place.
With no sign of mercy, warning or even a clue.

...and he...was me.