Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shining Star...

Here's something I wrote...The Epitome Of My Expression...

It's late at night
Stars so bright
Whistling sound of wind
I can hear through the rain

Staring at stars
Twinkle up high
It seems so far
Wonder that's where you are

Oh Wishing star
If you're near
And that you were here
Sharing the good times together

Shine down on me
Shine down to me
Tell me that you'll be there
for me

I need you
To always be there for me
I need you
Cos I miss you

Original words by cry4ubaby@TM2008.'s late but I've managed.
Don't close your eyes
This shout goes 2 ya all- Ace it this Saturday! Perfectly alright! Remember the tagline? Be cool dun b like a fool!