Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hold Me...Don't Let Go

I think it's time
To pick the pieces and say goodbye
Filled with sad emotions
I just dunno why

Get me something to believe
Brings me back to reality
Or maybe to forgive
From a wonderful dream

Wake me up
And leave the pain behind
Shall it be okay?
And the sun will still shine?

Cross my fingers till the day that I die
To give me strength and to be strong
Cause you'll be by my side
And made me believed that I actually belonged

Just hold me
Don't let go
I need you now
And tomorrow

Dunno if its long enough
Before I go
Let me feel Love
Till when?I dunno...

With distractions filling inside of me
To trust someone else its difficult you'll see
If I can say it now and not to lie
Afraid its too late as I will fly(Die)

Inspired by Holding On To The Memories of Beloved Uncle Sal- My Uncle Sal
The One and Only.Rest In Peace.
I Miss You dearly...cry4ubaby.

Read.Don't copy!It's mine!