Tuesday, November 4, 2008

THE TRAGIC EPISODE OF MY LIFE...What is wrong with me?Part 2

What can I say about it?
Hmmm... it's the last place you be placed at?
Staying there? Helluva NO!
The smell. The surroundings. The people.(Nothings wrong in particular but their presence)
The thought of it, making me restless.

After several check ups, I was awaked and conscious enough to know what's going on.
Hearing the doctor talk and asking questions.
All those sorts.
Still feeling weak and lethargic from the incident.
Remembered that one doctor said that I need to be tranfused.
As in blood.
Wowwwww...hold on for a sec!
Am I hearing the right thing?
Yes I did!
At least three pints of blood.
That was how much I lost she said.
Now I know what's actually going on or wrong with me.
I lost lotsa blood.
The blood level for a person like me should be bout 13,14 or 15.
But my level is 5.
Too damn low ain't it?

So here we go again.
Asked about if I really needed it and those sort.
She said yes...bla bla bla bla.......
My wife did ask all the questions she needed to know.
Then came the general important 1.
"Is it safe doctor?", my wife asked.
She replied,"That, I can't gurantee."
What the hell!!!
I was actually lying flat when hearing it.
Then sat 90 degrees up when she said no gurantee shit!
I straight away point my finger to my wife and giving her the signal..."take me out of this freaking place!!!"
Hell hole!

I was discharged without any transfusion done a couple of hours later as they dun hv any specialist for blood there.
Took my chances.
Got home and think about what's the next thing to do with my wife and bro.

Later that night, aunties came and discuss things with my wife and all those bullshit outcome that a sick man dun wanna hear. Hell...it's worrying me.
That's why I said bullshit. What's if it's you?
Figure it out ok.
Btw..all those things I said was actually trying to make myself feel better which it didn't!

It finally came to my senses after my concerned wife pleaded me to go to the hospital that were recommended by Ms Yap SP,Gleneagles or the Sunway Medical Centre.
Made a few calls.
Then off we go to Sunway Medical Centre.
It was past midnight when we reached there.
Go thru the routine checks and all.
The doctor then said I to be place in ICU!
I was stunned and speechless.
It was because of tranfusion and close monitored.
At the end of the night, I am still gonna be transfused.

To be continued...